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This We Believe demonstrates how traditional Christian beliefs about homosexuality are hurting all of the church, especially its most vulnerable members: young gay people who are convinced that their very essence is sinful.  It summarizes the latest scientific research, current Biblical scholarship, and the teachings of Jesus to show why an ever-growing number of Christian leaders and lay people now support marriage equality and other civil rights for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. 





This book is a veritable CliffsNotes on what we now know about homosexuality and its relationship to Christian faith. In a few short pages, C.S. Pearce debunks long-held myths, clarifies Scripture and argues for a much needed rethinking of the Church's traditional stand. Just reading these words will reassure young gay and lesbian people that God loves them just as they are, while challenging those who are not so sure that perhaps they have put God's love in too small a box.''   

 — Bishop Gene Robinson

The Christian case for gay


On gay marriages, voters got it right 

even if the church gets it wrong.



god with a small 'g' 
(working title)

By Philip Clayton and C.S.Pearce


A book to bridge the gap between agnostic atheists and questioning believers on what, if anything, science can tell us about ultimate meaning and the possibility of God. It describes how science can deepen faith, enhance awe, and promote the common good.


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